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Series Director Leroux Botha and Executive Producer Handrie Basson talk about difficulties, beauty, and wonderful locals on the set of Survivor SA: Philippines.

Why the Philippines?

We had a few options of locations we explored before ending up in the Philippines. It finally came down to infrastructure, experienced locals, and financial viability. And of course, the beauty and practicality of such an awesome tropical location.

Cape Town – For the sixth season of Survivor South Africa the production wanted to do something they’ve never done before – build a tribal council area on the water. 

But achieving this would be no easy feat as they were faced with adverse weather conditions and the tide. 

We go behind-the-scenes to find out how they created this magical place. 


The Survivor Cagayan team sure knows how to pick a location. Season 28, Brawn Vs Brain Vs Beauty, will be shot in the Philippines like last season as we often see with sequential seasons, but that doesn’t make this time around any less beautiful.

CBS has released a few stills from the filming area which is located on Luzon Island. I guess there are worse places to be stranded on a beach with seventeen other people trying to get between you and a million dollars!

Get ready for the new season of Survivor when it premieres February 26, 2014 on CBS with a two-hour season kick-off episode.

You can also check out the sneak peek pictures from the Survivor 2014 campsite including banners and the castaways’ torches. Things are looking pretty good for the new season.

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Survivor 28b
The cast of the 28th Survivor series which was filmed entirely in Palaui Island

SANTA ANA, Cagayan , Philippines — The 28th series of the American reality-TV show Survivor, which was filmed entirely in Palaui Island here last year, will be shown in at least 156 countries over international television networks.

Lope Juban Jr., president of the Philippine Film Studios, Inc., which took part in the production of the series from March to August last year, said that Philippine viewers can catch the show over JackTV.

According to Juban, however, the Survivor’s Palaui series titled Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty, produced by Mark Burnett with Jeff Probst as host, debuted in the US yesterday.

The Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA) facilitated the filming of Survivor as part of its tourism development and investment plans for the economic zone, which covers this once-obscure fishing town and parts of the Aparri islets.

Palaui, an idyllic island located northeast off Luzon along the West Philippine Sea, is described as one of the world’s best beaches and eco-tourism destinations because of its unparalleled natural beauty and rich biodiversity.

Last year, CNN Travel adjudged Palaui Island as one of the world’s 10 Best Beaches, the only one from the Philippines and the entire Southeast Asia to make it in the prestigious list.

Among the Palaui areas included in the filming of the Survivor 28th series were the scenic Anguib Beach, Pozo Robo Beach, Siwangag Cove and the centuries-old Spanish built Cape Engano Cove.

The production group had its first shooting day at Anguib Beach for the previous season — Blood vs Water (27th season) and Survivor Cagayan (28th season) on May 19, 2013.

The Survivor’s preparation and filming, which involved some 500 international and local production crew, lasted for seven months.

Nilo Aldeguer, CEZA senior deputy administrator, said that the producers of the Survivor series, spent at least P300M for its entire production, wherein 60 percent went to hotel and accommodations, while the rest was spent for talent fees and salaries of participants and production crew as well as incidental expenses.

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The Extra Mile

The Extra Mile, the new reality format from Israel’s Studio Glam, debuted locally on Tuesday as the the extra milemost-watched show on Channel 10 in the past two years.

The show, which challenges divorced couples to work together in hope of winning a trust fund for their children, had an average rating of 26.6 with a 37.7% share, the latter a 167% increase on the slot average.

It was the highest launch in Channel 10 history and the No. 1 show of the day. At Mip-TV earlier this month, Endemol acquired rights to produce the format in the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Turkey and Scandinavia.

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ABU DHABI // A documentary series chronicling the life-changing journey of six young Emiratis to the Philippines begins on Friday.

The first of six episodes of Beyond Borders will introduce the three men and three women as they embark on their 15-day trip.

But it is not just the experience of travel that was the source of their transformation.
All six, chosen from hundreds of applicants, had travelled extensively before departing to South East Asia for the documentary.