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Our studio has been in the forefront of foreign film production in the Philippines since the1970’s. It’s a big-little country that has varied land, sea and sky-scape including a 36,289 km long coastline.

It is inhabited with warm and talented people of multi-ethnicity matched with a bounty of natural and man-made wonders. See the country through our eyes and we’ll tell you best on how to capture the flavors of little Asia and make them your own.

PFSI has built a deep heritage in foreign film and television production since the late 70’s. It is a fully incorporated production outfit which holds some of the greatest local production and coordination talent to match every expectation our clients may have.

These are the people that have had the priviledge to work on the sets of award winning epics like Apocalypse Now (Copolla) and Platoon (Stone), and today they continue their work on a number of the world’s Reality TV Series Franchises that continue their adventures under Philippine skies.