Philippine Film Studios Inc.

Philippine Film Studios, Inc. is a premium service studio and is capable of organizing multi-location production arrangements. The Philippines has been the apple of the eye of world renowned directors like Francis Coppola and Oliver Stone. Cinematographers and producers have also seen the wonder, versatility, and most importantly, the feasibility in filming in any of the 7,107 islands in the Philippines. The expanse of white sand beaches; the darkness of rain forests; the congestion of riverside markets; the sleekness of cosmopolitan centers - you'll find whatever picture perfect location you need for your next box-office hit!

Behind our company's string of success are it's people. Professional, committed, and to a certain extent, obsessive! No detail left unturned, no loose ends left unchecked, no worries left for you. It's what we call the Filipino passion.

Lope "Jun" Juban Jr.
The Man Behind The Success

Lope “Jun” Juban Jr. is at the helm of PFSI. He successfully produced his first film at age 20 and for the past 35 years has been the go to guy for all major international movie and television projects that have filmed in the Philippines. Oliver Stone once dubbed him as his "Far Eastern Secret" as he was behind Stone's Oscar award winners, "PLATOON" and "BORN ON THE FOURTH OF JULY".

Jun is also the man behind the successful filming of "BOURNE LEGACY" in Manila and top television reality shows like the long running "SURVIVOR". Jun is joined by his children and their very efficient staff and crew in making the Philippines a favored filming destination.