From the Article: Why Manila is close to Johnny Depp’s heart

HOLLYWOOD – Fans of Hollywood actor Johnny Depp will see him star in a comedy-action film “Mortdecai.”

The versatile actor has spent some time in Manila almost 30 years ago when they were shooting for the film “Platoon” in 1986.

“I was there for about three-and-a-half months and lived in the jungle for two weeks, which is far less enticing than Manila. We’d coast down to Manila every weekend or every chance we got,” Depp said.

He described the experience like being in a Hemingway book.

“Oh, Manila was beautiful, I love Manila. That was a great, great time. It felt like you were in a Hemingway book,” he said.

Depp is joined by Gwyneth Paltrow, Ewan Macgregor and Paul Bettany in Mortdecai.

“This is the best time I’ve ever had on any film ever,” Depp said, who is also the movie’s producer.

Bettany added: “We laughed from the moment we got into work, and we laughed till they kicked us out. We would have stayed.”